Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Holiday Blues

Well, we're back from our jollies and I want to go back! I fell in love with the Lake District....... we had good weather, bad and some somewhere in between, but somehow, whatever the weather, the scenery and landscape of the Lakes has left it's imprint inside my heart..... seven days was not long enough.
These first piccies......oh yes, be warned, there's more to come...lol! These were taken on our first proper day which we spent at Whitehaven watching the 'tall ships' come in and we were treated to the vulcan bomber flying over the harbour! We watched an arial display from the blades, had a ride on the lifeboat and watched famous jet skiers performing tricks! I also managed to get sunburnt and ended up with the much dreaded 'red hooter!'
Please excuse the piccies, they are heavily cropped and I'm no professional, just an over zealous 'snapper' I did try to be arty and put a red enhancement filter on one piccie, but it did'nt quite have the effect I was after.... ah well... these are the first installments.....lol!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Katty glad you had a fab time..I live right on the Lakes doorstep It is a `beautiful` place..If Id of know you could of popped in for coffee!!!!!
Next time maybe..TFS
Have a great week:)x

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