Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Mighty Vulcan!

Another set of holiday snaps. Excuse the quality again I had a hard job capturing this mighty plane in it's proper glory, these are probably the only few I got that are worth showing. If you zoom in on the one with the masts in it, you can see the poor fellow caught right in front of the vulcans flight path! Captions at the!
I'm a big fan of the RAF, when I was a little sproglet we used to sit on a gate and watch the red arrows practising over low ground and often saw (and heard!) jet fighters flying over, the farm we used to live on was very near to a RAF base so we were in a priveleged position really.
These pics were again taken at Whitehaven.... apparently the Vulcan is based back at Brize Norton now after putting on many displays up and down the country.
Be back later with a crafty make or two and news of a giveaway!

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