Friday, February 29, 2008

PIF - Cute Stash!

I received lots of bits to play with from Steph..... Thankyou Steph, I can't wait to settle down to some 'me' time & play, things have been full-on for me over the last few days, but hopefully I'll gain a respite soon!
The first three people to leave a comment will each get a few crafty bits from my stash sent out to them & then they too can PIF to 3 more who are first to leave comments. I think thats how it works?! I am new to this!
Hopefully will have some more things to post over the next few days.


Dawny P said...

Hi Katty. Nice pif you got from Steph lol xx Looking forward to seeing some more of your stuff in the next few days xxx

SammieJay said...

Hi there! I'm new to card making & the crafty blogging community & still trying to understand the lingo. What does PIF stand for and how does it work? I've enjoyed reading your blog and am looking forward to seeing the pictures you take with your new camera.

Chris said...

Hi Katty! I check out your website regularly - lovely cards and lots of inspiration! Have just started my own blog and posted my first card.
Happy crafting
Chris x

Chris said...
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