Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Aaaaarrrrrggggghhhhh! HELP!

Horror has struck today. My trusted camera has finally packed up & run out on me!
I've had it years & just lately my pics have not been brilliant.... I thought it was my limited photography skills, but now I am not so sure!
I am lost without my camera. I had some cards to upload & pics to take for work too! What's a girl to do? I am skint, so no chance of a new one :(
Think I will have to go on the scrounge & ring round to see if friends or family maybe can lend me one for a day or two.
Posting will resume when problem is solved.


steph said...

Oh no! Good luck! x

Jo said...

oh no! that happened to me just before christmas - felt so lost without it - hope you can borrow one for a bit

jo xx

All Pink girl said...

Hope you get one soon ,i love to see you crafts ,Dawnx

Anonymous said...

Oh No!!!!Hope you get one soon Katty then we can see more of your fab work...Thanks for visiting my blog much appreciated:)xx

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